Towards a postponement of the Apple iPhone SE 2?

If the very existence of the iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9 from Apple is no longer subject to debate, there are questions about the date on which the device could be marketed. According to the latest rumors, we should expect a postponement.

If you are looking for an entry-level iPhone , you may be closely following the news around the iPhone SE 2 , direct successor to the iPhone SE launched by Apple in 2016. A few months ago, the first There were rumors of a launch at the start of the month of this year 2020, but today there is a good chance that this launch will be postponed by several months . Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ? Explanation.

The iPhone SE 2 should not be available during the month of April

If one believes a recent report from DigiTimes which cites several sources in the supply chains of the Cupertino company, orders for PCBs – printed circuits – of the smartphone have been postponed. Apparently, the companies with which the apple brand works have been informed that they should postpone shipments of these PCBs for the second quarter of this year. These PCBs were originally scheduled to be shipped later this month, just in time for the event Apple would host on March 31. It is a usual period for the Cupertino company, which takes advantage of the event to announce new products and these are generally available for sale a week or two after.

You will have to wait a little longer before getting your hands on this smartphone

The fact that PCB orders have been “postponed” seriously jeopardizes the possibility of marketing in early April. A launch in the second quarter seems much more likely. That being said, the phone itself would have reached the last phase of production. PCBs could be among the very last components to be assembled to finalize the device. It is unclear why Apple asked for the delay. And as long as we have no official communication on the subject, we will have to take the information with tweezers. Patience, patience!

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