The Samsung Galaxy Home is still relevant

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Posted Aug 9, 2019 by Colin Moore.

The connected speakers are on the rise, and many manufacturers want their share of the cake. This is the case, of course, for Samsung as well – even if the South Korean giant has still not marketed its Galaxy Home.

During the packed event, Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, a new S Pen and the Galaxy Book S notebook. Many people were waiting for news from the Galaxy Home connected speaker. Samsung had announced the device a year ago but it has since had delays. Recently, the South Korean giant mentioned possible commercialization around the second half of this year, maybe during this quarter. The latest news seems that the manufacturer is still working hard on this device.

The Samsung Galaxy is not dead

“We are continuing to refine and improve the Galaxy Home before launch, and we look forward to sharing the details with Galaxy fans very soon,” said a spokesman at Engadget. The launch date and the price of the device are still a real mystery but at least we know that it is still relevant. Let’s just hope that this Galaxy Home does not have the same fate as the Apple AirPower.

The South Korean giant is working on fine-tuning everything, including Bixby

When Engadget tested the smart speaker at CES last January, it became clear that Samsung needed to work on the Galaxy Home again, and on Bixby, before it could be marketed. It is always interesting to look at how long a company takes to refine a product. Samsung will wait before marketing, but the more they wait, the more the brand will give ground to already well-established giants such as Amazon, Google, and Apple.

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