The next Apple Watch could be able to detect muscle movements

Generation after generation, Apple makes Apple Watch ever more capable. Via the addition of software features but also by new sensors ever more efficient. The next generation may be able to detect muscle movements.

In recent years, Apple aims to develop the ultimate health and sports tracker. Each update of watchOS, each new model of Apple Watch incorporates new features bringing it closer to this goal. With the Series 4, Apple introduced an ECG tracking tool. And it may be that in a more or less near future, the Apple Watch may be able to detect the movements of our muscles.

Soon an accurate monitoring of muscle movements in the Apple Watch?

In any case, this is what a newly discovered patent suggests. It describes how, by integrating electromyography (EMG) sensors, the watch would be able to detect the slightest muscular movements of its wearer. In addition, the sensor could also measure the pressure exerted by the hand of the wearer. This means that next generations of Apple Watch may be able to better follow their wearer’s exercise sessions.

Apple imagines integrating electromyography sensors into its watch

With sensors like this, it would be possible to count pulls, lifts, pumps and so much better follow your series. This technology could also be very useful in the medical field. By measuring the strength in the hand, the medical profession could easily assess the general tone in the upper body, which is an important indicator in a number of pathologies when it begins to decline. That being said, this is just a patent. No one knows if Apple will make it a reality. One thing is certain, Apple also has big plans for its Apple Watch on the field of pure health. The Cupertino company is still working to enable non-invasive glucose monitoring.

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