The latest beta of iOS 13 reveals the launch date of the iPhone 11

Posted Aug 16, 2019 by Colin Moore.

Apple still sticks to its calendar of the past years: the new iPhone should be unveiled in September. But when exactly? The answer could have been given in the latest beta of iOS 13.

According to the general opinion, Apple is expected to officially announce its new iPhone next September. But what day exactly? The latest news is that the event could take place during the second week of the month, although other rumors suggest a launch closer towards the end of the month. Today, if we believe the latest beta of iOS 13, it is the date of September 10 that would have been stopped by the Cupertino company for its great presentation. A date that fans have definitely checked in their calendar.

The new iPhone unveiled on September 10, 2019?

Indeed, several images discovered in iOS 13 are marked “do not disclose before launch” and mention the date of 10 September. As AppleInsider says, this is not the first time that iOS elements give clues as to the launch of the iPhone. Last year, there were explicit indications of the date of 12 September. This was the date of the official launch of the 2018 range. It is therefore likely that the situation is identical this year for this new generation of iPhone.

This is indicated by the beta of iOS 13

That being said, the month of September is almost always the launch month of the iPhone. This has been the case in recent years. September 10th is not surprising. However, one of the main differences with the launch of this year and that the Cupertino company could launch this time no less than three different models at the same time. Last year, Apple had shifted the launch of the iPhone XR a few weeks. For this 2019 vintage, rumors are coming to the conclusion that all three models would be formalized simultaneously. The information is to be taken with tweezers but if the rumors are proven, then we should have confirmation pretty quickly. The press invitations should actually be there later and we will know all the details of these new iPhone the day of the event.

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