The Apple HomePod arrives in Japan on August 23

Posted Aug 17, 2019 by Colin Moore.

Few electronic products today are to marketed worldwide simultaneously. Manufacturers prefer to take their time and launch their devices wave by wave. The Apple HomePod is no exception: it is coming soon to Japan.

The deployment of Apple’s smart connected speaker, the HomePod, has been quite slow. Unlike the iPhone, iPad and other Macs, the HomePod is only available today in a limited list of countries. The Cupertino company, however, extends this list quite regularly. From August 23, HomePod will be available in Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun will finally be entitled to the connected speaker, and we’ll see if it helps to revive somewhat slow sales of this device.

The Apple HomePod arrives in Japan from August 23

The HomePod pre-orders have recently been opened for Japan. The speaker is offered at ¥32,800 (about $310). Why has the Apple brand taken so long to market the HomePod in Japan? And in the whole world? Hard to say. Probably it is due to Siri, with Apple having some modifications and optimizations to perform for each country, including managing the languages ​​and different accents.

An international deployment that takes its time

For now, the opinions are quite mixed about the this product. Some tout the quality of the proposed sound, others do not find it as useful and complete as the competition, specifically the Amazon Echo or Google Home. There have also been some criticisms regarding its price. It must be said that the price is clearly above the competition for benefits that are not so obvious. Some rumors suggested that the Cupertino company could work on a mini (more affordable) version of its HomePod. For now, the Apple brand has not communicated anything about it.

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