Face ID could happen soon in Apple Macs

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Posted Aug 10, 2019 by Steven Wilson.

Face ID is a technology that was introduced by Apple some time ago. The system is still imperfect, of course, but it could soon arrive on devices other than just smartphones and tablets.

Face ID was launched at the same time as the iPhone X. More recently, the technology has been integrated into the iPad Pro. The question that arises today is when will it be proposed in the Mac. It would be a logical and natural evolution after all. And the good news is that it seems that the Cupertino company is thinking very seriously about the issue. The Apple brand publishes patents very regularly and today, in a document recently discovered, we learned that Apple has already reflected on the integration of Face ID in a computer.

Apple patents a system with Face ID for Macs

The patent in question, discovered just recently, describes how Face ID could be implemented in Macs. Of course, it would not necessarily be the same Face ID that we know on the iPhone or iPad. It could even be a more advanced version, especially because it would provide a smart standby mode. According to the description provided, it would be a question of several iterations of the sleep mode, based on timers. After a certain amount of inactivity by the user, the computer could automatically go into sleep mode. And we imagine that Apple would think of setting up safeguards to prevent the watch from going off when you’re just watching a movie or listening to music, for example.

Soon a smart sleep mode?

This patent moreover describes precisely the task allocated to a camera on the Mac. This one would be responsible for following the face of the user. Unfortunately, this is only a patent, and there is no guarantee that such a system will ever be implemented in Macs.

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