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Apple imagines an iPhone with a double screen

Foldable screens offer entirely new perspectives. Some manufacturers have already launched it, although the technology is still very (too) young. Apple, meanwhile, is thinking of an iPhone with a dual screen instead of a foldable screen. According to rumors, Apple would work logically on the iPhone with a foldable display. No one knows if the information is proven, no one… Read more »

Apple may include recommendations in Apple Plans

Services and applications are constantly evolving. Gaining features, refining them, fixing bugs. Today, the trend is clearly to add intelligence to our software. To the delight of users… Apple has greatly improved Plans, its mapping application, since its launch. Obviously, the improvement by adding new features always seems very natural. However, these new features must go in the right direction… Read more »

Apple Watch: a function to detect the level of oxygen in the blood found in iOS 14

The editorial staff of 9to5Mac found in an iOS 14 code fragment the next function that Apple Watches could bring to their wearer. The Apple Watch put recently focused on health, and there are countless news on lives saved – developed by Apple to make a video, surfing between accident / car, sepsis and rhythm abnormally heart high . Already… Read more »

Apple: a 10% slowdown in iPhone delivery during the coronavirus crisis

After closing its Apple Stores, the Apple brand is expected to be hit by the coronavirus epidemic. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that deliveries should slow by 10%. In the fourth financial quarter of 2019, Apple sold more smartphones than Samsung and Huawei, a small feat when you compare the number of ranges marketed by the brand and the price of… Read more »

Apple now offers free engraving on AirPod cases

The holidays may be behind us now, but there are always opportunities to give gifts to loved ones. AirPods are a good option, especially since the Cupertino firm now offers personalized engraving on the charging case. If you’re looking to personalize the charging case of your Apple AirPods, or a pair you’d like to give as a gift, you might… Read more »

The next Apple Watch could be able to detect muscle movements

Generation after generation, Apple makes Apple Watch ever more capable. Via the addition of software features but also by new sensors ever more efficient. The next generation may be able to detect muscle movements. In recent years, Apple aims to develop the ultimate health and sports tracker. Each update of watchOS, each new model of Apple Watch incorporates new features… Read more »

Apple could propose a pack of its services in 2020

Apple today offers many services via paid subscription. And unfortunately, there is currently no pack by grouping several. In other words, you have to subscribe to each separately if you want to take advantage of it. A pack could see the day in 2020. For some time now, there have been rumors that Apple may be putting on one foot… Read more »

Apple: Record revenue to end the fiscal year

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Apple today announced financial results for its fourth quarter of 2019 ended September 28, 2019. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $64 billion, an increase of 2 percent over the previous quarter. International sales accounted for 60% of the quarter’s revenues, despite difficulties in Japan, China and India. “We concluded a record fiscal year in 2019 with our highest revenue… Read more »

AirPods Pro announced by Apple at the end of the month?

Rumors have been raging for more months now about a new generation of AirPods. It may even be that Apple announces this new accessory by the end of the month. The AirPods Pro would be offered at $260, we believe. It has been several months since rumors and other reports evoke the fact that Apple is working on a new… Read more »

Purism launches Librem 5, a smartphone to protect privacy

Posted Sep 9, 2019 by Colin Moore. After years of developing a 100% free mobile OS, Purism is now shipping its new smartphones. As scandals explode on the questionable practices of GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) that often flirt with the limits of legality, and as users desire devices that are fully transparent and easy to understand, solutions are… Read more »

Apple and Foxconn have broken labor laws in China for the latest iPhone

Posted Sep 8, 2019 by Adam Still. The NGO Chinese Labor Watch reports that the two giants have exceeded Chinese labor legislation to be able to produce the latest range of iPhones. Apple and Foxconn have been pinned for working conditions and the ratio of temporary employees in Zhengzhou factories in China, the day before an event to introduce the… Read more »

Galaxy Fold: how Samsung solved its worries

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Posted Sep 6, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Samsung has presented the final version of its Galaxy Fold at IFA Berlin. Last April, Samsung sent its testers a very advanced prototype of its foldable dual-screen phone, the Galaxy Fold. There were a number of issues. The concerned American journalists had various concerns with the material of the phone, and the software… Read more »

The Apple HomePod arrives in Japan on August 23

Posted Aug 17, 2019 by Colin Moore. Few electronic products today are to marketed worldwide simultaneously. Manufacturers prefer to take their time and launch their devices wave by wave. The Apple HomePod is no exception: it is coming soon to Japan. The deployment of Apple’s smart connected speaker, the HomePod, has been quite slow. Unlike the iPhone, iPad and other… Read more »

The latest beta of iOS 13 reveals the launch date of the iPhone 11

Posted Aug 16, 2019 by Colin Moore. Apple still sticks to its calendar of the past years: the new iPhone should be unveiled in September. But when exactly? The answer could have been given in the latest beta of iOS 13. According to the general opinion, Apple is expected to officially announce its new iPhone next September. But what day… Read more »

Microsoft will continue to use humans to transcribe Cortana and Skype audio

Posted Aug 15, 2019 by Steven Wilson. The tech giants have recently been accused of passing some of your audio recordings from voice digital assistants to human third parties for analysis, in an effort to improve their services. Most have put these programs on hold – but some are still actively listening. Like most major tech companies that offer voice… Read more »

Apple expands its team dedicated to autonomous driving

Posted Aug 12, 2019 by Steven Wilson. What is Apple preparing for the autonomous driving market? It’s still a mystery, but one thing is certain: the Cupertino company is very busy, and it continues to strengthen its equipped dedicated to the project. Here is the new information from the front. At present, no one really knows what the Cupertino company… Read more »

Face ID is fooled with a pair of glasses and tape

Posted Aug 11, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Facial recognition technologies, no matter how advanced, can be abused. Face ID is no exception.  The Apple Face ID system is touted by the Apple brand as one of the most secure security measures for your smartphone. Unlike fingerprints, which can be replicated or printed in 3D, Face ID can not be fooled… Read more »

A collapsible iPhone and iPad by 2021?

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Posted Aug 10, 2019 by Colin Moore. After launches of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, foldable smartphones are expected to multiply in 2020. And Apple could decide to embark down this roud, without rushing as usual. Will we have a collapsible iPhone and iPad by 2021? Most smartphone and tablet manufacturers are currently working on… Read more »

Face ID could happen soon in Apple Macs

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Posted Aug 10, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Face ID is a technology that was introduced by Apple some time ago. The system is still imperfect, of course, but it could soon arrive on devices other than just smartphones and tablets. Face ID was launched at the same time as the iPhone X. More recently, the technology has been integrated into… Read more »

Apple will sell Mophie’s multi-device wireless chargers

Posted Aug 10, 2019 by Colin Moore. Now that the fate of the Apple AirPower has finally been sealed and everyone knows it will not happen, the Cupertino company can go ahead with wireless chargers. It’s Mophie who wins out here. One of the key features of the Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Mat was being able to charge multiple devices… Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy Home is still relevant

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Posted Aug 9, 2019 by Colin Moore. The connected speakers are on the rise, and many manufacturers want their share of the cake. This is the case, of course, for Samsung as well – even if the South Korean giant has still not marketed its Galaxy Home. During the packed event, Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 10 and Note… Read more »

Huawei formalizes HarmonyOS

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Posted Aug 9, 2019 by Adam Still. The operating system formerly known as HongMeng is designed to work on a multitude of devices, from smart TVs to connected speakers to computers and other smartphones. However, it is not a competitor to Android. Huawei, out of the turmoil in which the US administration had entangled it, has continued to work on… Read more »

Apple slams the use of VOIP in the background in iOS 13

Posted Aug 9, 2019 by Colin Moore. Apple remains very concerned about the protection of the personal data of its users. This involves explicit measures and others which are a little more technical, such as the one that interests us today concerning the use of VOIP in the background. Via a small modification in iOS 13, Apple has prevented VoIP… Read more »

Apple warns iPhone users of third-party battery repair risks

Posted Aug 8, 2019 by Adam Still. Apple protects its iPhone to the max: we all know that. This includes locking the device during any repairs. While some retailers still do repair work on the smartphone, the Cupertino company advises against battery repairs by third parties. Apple does not want you to replace the battery of your iPhone on your… Read more »

An option to stop sharing Alexa conversations with humans

Posted Aug 6, 2019 by Adam Still. The information that conversations with voice assistants were being listened to by humans did not go down well, and rightly so. Today, Amazon offers an option to exit the program, though it still remains enabled by default. Apple and Google had been accused of making conversations with their devices heard by human third… Read more »

Google engineers discover critical flaws in the iPhone

Posted Jul 31, 2019 by Colin Moore. Despite all the means deployed by the giants of tech to secure their devices, there are almost always flaws. Including on products like the iPhone. Researchers Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Groß of the Google Project Zero have discovered six flaws in iOS. The researchers are members of Google’s bug-hunting program, which is often… Read more »

This year’s iPhone will ship a brand new haptic engine

Posted Jul 25, 2019 by Adam Still. The new iPhone is expected to be released shortly, and rumors are increasing. Today, there is talk of a new haptic engine. If the rumors are proven, Apple should abandon 3D Touch for its new iPhone. The system would be replaced by Haptic Touch, a feature introduced with the iPhone XR from last… Read more »

Apple fixes a GPS bug on old iOS devices

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Posted Jul 24, 2019 by Adam Still. Bugs are common in our electronics. Most of the time, they can be corrected via a simple software update. Still, it is necessary to take the trouble to do it. Apple is now deploying a new update for the old iPhone and iPad models released before 2012. This update corrects a GPS bug…. Read more »

The loyalty of iPhone users is at its lowest

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Posted Jul 21, 2019 by Adam Still. Among smartphone users, there are mostly just two worlds: the Apple world and the Android world.  Apple users are known to be particularly loyal to the brand. This is largely due to the fact that the Cupertino company knows how to keep its customers in its ecosystem. After years of buying apps and… Read more »

In China, workers had dug a tunnel to try to steal iPhone parts

Posted Jul 18, 2019 by Steven Wilson. If the iPhone is a very popular device, the parts that compose them also arouse desire. Chinese workers have even gone as far as tunneling to steal. All tech companies have proprietary technologies that make their products unique. Apple is no exception. It must, therefore, deploy a number of measures to avoid getting… Read more »

Netflix slumps on new subscriptions

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Posted Jul 18, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Today, the video streaming market is extremely competitive. Services must deploy considerable resources to retain their customers and attract new ones. On this last point, Netflix seems to be losing momentum. At the beginning of video streaming, the competition was not so tough. Netflix reigned supreme, or almost. In the last two years,… Read more »

Apple is thinking about wireless charging for electric cars

Posted Jul 13, 2019 by Steven Wilson. We are only at the dawn of electric cars. Once they have overtaken gasoline vehicles, they will need solutions to recharge – and many talented engineers are working on this right now. At the moment, electric cars are recharging by plugging into a charger, like our phones or tablets. It’s not a problem… Read more »

Amazon Music is growing faster than Spotify

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Posted Jul 13, 2019 by Adam Still. Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music are three big names in the music streaming market. While Spotify ranks first, it turns out that Amazon Music is growing faster. For the moment, Spotify is the leader in the music streaming market. Apple is catching up fast. The latest news is that the Apple brand… Read more »

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro arrive in 20 new countries

Posted Jul 13, 2019 by Colin Moore. The Powerbeats Pro were announced by Apple last April. The headphones arrive today in twenty new countries. In April, Apple announced the Powerbeats Pro: an “active” alternative to the AirPods for users who are looking for a pair of more resistant headphones, especially for sports, and with a better quality of sound. If… Read more »

Apple prefers to stop its Walkie-Talkie feature

Posted Jul 13, 2019 by Adam Still. Apple has taken a new decision regarding the security of its Apple Watch: the walkie-talkie feature has been disabled due to a vulnerability allowing spying of the owner. Following the discovery of a vulnerability, the Cupertino company was forced to make a radical decision, namely the temporary deactivation of the walkie-talkie mode on… Read more »

Apple pauses the development of its augmented reality glasses

Posted Jul 12, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Apple believes immensely in augmented reality. The technology is already well integrated in its iPhone, and the Cupertino company was thought by many to have worked on augmented reality glasses for some time. But now, the project is paused. Rumors have been around for some time that Apple is working on augmented reality… Read more »

Water resistant AirPods are still be planned for 2019

Posted Jul 10, 2019 by Colin Moore. AirPods continue their life cycle. The second generation was born a few months ago and Apple is working on the next. This could happen before the end of the year and bring with it resistance to water. A few months ago, Apple launched the second generation of AirPods, with some improvements compared to… Read more »

New keyboards on the next MacBook

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Posted Jul 4, 2019 by Colin Moore. The very problematic Papillon keyboards have apparently been a bad enough experience for Apple to decide to switch to a new mechanism. For several years now, Apple has had problems with its keyboards called “butterfly” which have a proprietary mechanism. The Cupertino company, however, seems ready to move on. Finally a panacea? Inaugurated… Read more »

Apple starts selling diabetes monitoring kits in its store

Posted Jun 28, 2019 by Colin Moore. Apple has long been interested in monitoring diabetes and blood sugar. Today, the Apple brand is starting to sell diabetes monitoring kits in its store. Measuring your blood sugar is a very difficult and uncomfortable operation because you need to take a little blood. Several rumors suggested that Apple would work on a… Read more »

Smartphone sales: Big drop for Apple and Samsung in Europe and Huawei at the top

Posted Jun 17, 2019 by Colin Moore. Huawei is poised to become #1 in the smartphone market in Europe if the current trend continues. IDC has unveiled its latest smartphone sales numbers in Europe, giving insights into market developments. 53.5 million smartphones were sold in the first quarter of 2019, down from last year. The other interesting point is the… Read more »

Older versions of macOS no longer have access to the Apple Store

Posted Jun 16, 2019 by Adam Still. Apple sells most of its products through its Apple Store, including the online platform. Recently, however, the Apple Store is inaccessible from Safari on an old version of macOS. Apple seems to have changed the prerequisites to access its Apple Online Store. Old versions of Safari and macOS can no longer access them…. Read more »

Apple’s new Mac Pro is extremely powerful – but also expensive

Posted Jun 4, 2019 by Adam Still. Yesterday evening was the opening keynote of WWDC 2019, Apple’s conference dedicated to developers. There, they announced a new Mac Pro. Apple has produced a new Mac Pro that will see the light very soon. At WWDC 2019, they gave a fairly comprehensive overview of the new product. In terms of design, this… Read more »

Apple increases the ceiling of mobile downloads on iPhone and iPad

Posted Jun 3, 2019 by Adam Still. Mobile downloads can be risky for your data plan. Manufacturers have put measures in place to avoid unpleasant surprises. On the iPhone, however, it has just changed. This week, Apple has decided to increase the download cap on its iOS devices. Thus, it is now possible to download on a data network files… Read more »

The end of iTunes scheduled for this year?

Posted Jun 1, 2019 by Steven Wilson. iTunes is a must-have software for any owner of an Apple device. Today, after many years of good and loyal service, Apple is preparing to make it disappear. iTunes was launched in January 2001 by Steve Jobs. The versions have multiplied with the years, gaining more and more features. Today, the software allows… Read more »