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Galaxy Fold: how Samsung solved its worries

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Posted Sep 6, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Samsung has presented the final version of its Galaxy Fold at IFA Berlin. Last April, Samsung sent its testers a very advanced prototype of its foldable dual-screen phone, the Galaxy Fold. There were a number of issues. The concerned American journalists had various concerns with the material of the phone, and the software… Read more »

Microsoft will continue to use humans to transcribe Cortana and Skype audio

Posted Aug 15, 2019 by Steven Wilson. The tech giants have recently been accused of passing some of your audio recordings from voice digital assistants to human third parties for analysis, in an effort to improve their services. Most have put these programs on hold – but some are still actively listening. Like most major tech companies that offer voice… Read more »

Apple expands its team dedicated to autonomous driving

Posted Aug 12, 2019 by Steven Wilson. What is Apple preparing for the autonomous driving market? It’s still a mystery, but one thing is certain: the Cupertino company is very busy, and it continues to strengthen its equipped dedicated to the project. Here is the new information from the front. At present, no one really knows what the Cupertino company… Read more »

Face ID is fooled with a pair of glasses and tape

Posted Aug 11, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Facial recognition technologies, no matter how advanced, can be abused. Face ID is no exception.  The Apple Face ID system is touted by the Apple brand as one of the most secure security measures for your smartphone. Unlike fingerprints, which can be replicated or printed in 3D, Face ID can not be fooled… Read more »

Face ID could happen soon in Apple Macs

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Posted Aug 10, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Face ID is a technology that was introduced by Apple some time ago. The system is still imperfect, of course, but it could soon arrive on devices other than just smartphones and tablets. Face ID was launched at the same time as the iPhone X. More recently, the technology has been integrated into… Read more »

In China, workers had dug a tunnel to try to steal iPhone parts

Posted Jul 18, 2019 by Steven Wilson. If the iPhone is a very popular device, the parts that compose them also arouse desire. Chinese workers have even gone as far as tunneling to steal. All tech companies have proprietary technologies that make their products unique. Apple is no exception. It must, therefore, deploy a number of measures to avoid getting… Read more »

Netflix slumps on new subscriptions

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Posted Jul 18, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Today, the video streaming market is extremely competitive. Services must deploy considerable resources to retain their customers and attract new ones. On this last point, Netflix seems to be losing momentum. At the beginning of video streaming, the competition was not so tough. Netflix reigned supreme, or almost. In the last two years,… Read more »

Apple is thinking about wireless charging for electric cars

Posted Jul 13, 2019 by Steven Wilson. We are only at the dawn of electric cars. Once they have overtaken gasoline vehicles, they will need solutions to recharge – and many talented engineers are working on this right now. At the moment, electric cars are recharging by plugging into a charger, like our phones or tablets. It’s not a problem… Read more »

Apple pauses the development of its augmented reality glasses

Posted Jul 12, 2019 by Steven Wilson. Apple believes immensely in augmented reality. The technology is already well integrated in its iPhone, and the Cupertino company was thought by many to have worked on augmented reality glasses for some time. But now, the project is paused. Rumors have been around for some time that Apple is working on augmented reality… Read more »

The end of iTunes scheduled for this year?

Posted Jun 1, 2019 by Steven Wilson. iTunes is a must-have software for any owner of an Apple device. Today, after many years of good and loyal service, Apple is preparing to make it disappear. iTunes was launched in January 2001 by Steve Jobs. The versions have multiplied with the years, gaining more and more features. Today, the software allows… Read more »