Apple’s new Mac Pro is extremely powerful – but also expensive

Posted Jun 4, 2019 by Adam Still.

Yesterday evening was the opening keynote of WWDC 2019, Apple’s conference dedicated to developers. There, they announced a new Mac Pro.

Apple has produced a new Mac Pro that will see the light very soon. At WWDC 2019, they gave a fairly comprehensive overview of the new product. In terms of design, this Mac Pro seems to be an evolution of the model launched two generations ago now, with its tower-like design, its aluminum frame, its feet and its handles for easy transport.

As expected, Apple takes a modular design in this Mac Pro. The device can be customized as needed. It has a six-channel memory architecture, 12 physical DIMM slots, each capable of accommodating up to 1.5 TB of RAM. There are also 8 PCIe expansion slots, two times more than the previous generation, and with Intel Xeon processors, it’s a serious machine to have on your table.

A monster of power that pays the highest price

Unfortunately, all this power has a price, and a rather high price since the new Mac Pro will start from $5,999. It is expected to be released in Autumn.

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