Apple Watch: a function to detect the level of oxygen in the blood found in iOS 14

The editorial staff of 9to5Mac found in an iOS 14 code fragment the next function that Apple Watches could bring to their wearer.

The Apple Watch put recently focused on health, and there are countless news on lives saved – developed by Apple to make a video, surfing between accident / car, sepsis and rhythm abnormally heart high . Already in 2018, a Hong Kong resident discovered a heart problem thanks to his watch which notified him ; the following year, a man discovered that he was subject to atrial fibrillation . Since the Apple Watch Series 4, the smart watch is able to detect the potential fall of the wearer and take EKGs, which is the pride of designer Jonathan Ive.. Apple has continued to improve the technical skills of its smartwatch in recent years , including filing a patent for a bracelet measuring blood pressure , taking advantage of the skills of the developer of the Mango Health application , and acquiring Tueo Health , expert in children’s asthma monitoring tools.

Level the competition

But Tim Cook wants to go further if we are to believe a 9to5Mac report . Rummaging through the code for iOS 14, the next version of the iPhone operating system, journalists discovered a fragment suggesting that the apple company would include a function to detect the level of oxygen in the blood. At Fitbit, a competitor, this function already exists. Unfortunately for Apple, the company has been bought by Google, which also aims to better develop its health monitoring sector.

Notification in case of low concentration

According to the site “ oxygen concentrations in the blood between 95 and 100% are considered healthy; oxygen levels in the blood below 80% can compromise the functionality of the heart and brain. The risk of respiratory or cardiac arrest is frequent after low oxygen saturation in the blood. To this end, Apple is developing a new health notification based on this vital measure. When the Apple Watch detects low oxygen saturation in the blood below a certain threshold, a notification will trigger a user warning similar to current heart rate notifications . ”

Available with a software or hardware update?

Will we be able to take advantage of the detection of the oxygen level via a simple software update (in watchOS 7 therefore, distributed this fall) or will we have to wait for the release of the Apple Watch Series 6? The American site believes that ” Apple Watch equipment is able to measure blood oxygen levels through the integrated heart rate monitor “. Good news for those who would not want to go through the buyout box one year after the release of the latest version.

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