Apple slams the use of VOIP in the background in iOS 13

Posted Aug 9, 2019 by Colin Moore.

Apple remains very concerned about the protection of the personal data of its users. This involves explicit measures and others which are a little more technical, such as the one that interests us today concerning the use of VOIP in the background.

Via a small modification in iOS 13, Apple has prevented VoIP applications from accessing certain data in the background. A decision was taken to further protect the personal data stored on the devices of the brand that should interest some big names in the tech. This initiative has a direct and fairly strong impact on data collected by apps like Messenger or WhatsApp. Indeed, to be able to ring during a VoIP call when the application is not open on the phone, it uses the process of iOS PushKit. It is the latter that detects calls via the Internet. Its use was previously hijacked by developers to collect some data.

Apple seriously limits the use of PushKit in iOS 13

For example, WhatsApp uses PushKit for end-to-end encryption throughout the application. Snapchat and WeChat use it to collect data that goes beyond the call framework. These are the kinds of actions that Apple wanted to do away with by limiting the use of PushKit. With iOS 13, the Cupertino company now prevents the use of this process for purposes other than the triggering of voice calls.

Protecting personal data, and improving performance

Developers will have to rewrite some of their code to comply with new restrictions Apple. They have until April 2020, which should be more than enough time especially as some have already set to work. In addition to the issue of personal data, this new rule will result in the disappearance of some processes in the background and thus improve the overall performance of devices, including autonomy.

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