Apple pauses the development of its augmented reality glasses

Posted Jul 12, 2019 by Steven Wilson.

Apple believes immensely in augmented reality. The technology is already well integrated in its iPhone, and the Cupertino company was thought by many to have worked on augmented reality glasses for some time. But now, the project is paused.

Rumors have been around for some time that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses. These glasses were originally expected to be released in 2020. According to the rumors, at least. Today, it is possible that the project will not even come out at all.

Apple pauses its augmented reality glasses project

The Cupertino company has temporarily halted its work on these glasses. The team in charge of the project would have been dissolved last May and its members reassigned to other Apple products. No one knows why the development was stopped, and even less if it is temporary or definitive.

For a reason still unknown

It is possible that the Apple brand has had difficulty creating a new product and positioning it on the market. After all, it would not be the first company to try it. Google had tried something very similar with its Google Glass. It was an impressive project, but a total failure at the commercial level, which led Google to cancel its projects.

Perhaps Apple has feared the same setbacks. Or maybe the Cupertino company simply needs technologies that are not yet sufficiently developed. One thing is certain in any case: augmented reality glasses according to Apple will not happen right away.

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