Apple may include recommendations in Apple Plans

Services and applications are constantly evolving. Gaining features, refining them, fixing bugs. Today, the trend is clearly to add intelligence to our software. To the delight of users…

Apple has greatly improved Plans, its mapping application, since its launch. Obviously, the improvement by adding new features always seems very natural. However, these new features must go in the right direction and be properly implemented. Another example today of a very interesting feature, the recommendations in Apple Plans.

Apple Seeks To Implement Recommendations In Its Plans Application

Indeed, if we are to believe a recent job offer – deleted since the publication in the first media -, it would seem that Apple is looking to include a feature of this kind in its cards. This offer relates to a position of “Product Manager – Maps Writer / Editor” based in Culver City, California. The job description states: “[Apple] is looking for someone to help create exciting and engaging content to help Plan users explore the world around them. Whether locally or when planning their great vacation. ” The position requires an “insatiable curiosity for discovering new places and a passion for telling things in a captivating way” among other things “knowledge about food,

The Cupertino firm is recruiting a passionate profile to do this

Recommendations are nothing new, they are already present in most other mapping services, including Google Maps with its features dedicated to Local Guides. Google Maps also has recommendations built into the For You tab. Nothing very new, therefore. That said, if Apple is looking to bring more users back from the competition, which is no doubt the case, adding a feature like this is a good way to do it. If only to bridge the existing gap.

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