Apple imagines an iPhone with a double screen

Foldable screens offer entirely new perspectives. Some manufacturers have already launched it, although the technology is still very (too) young. Apple, meanwhile, is thinking of an iPhone with a dual screen instead of a foldable screen.

According to rumors, Apple would work logically on the iPhone with a foldable display. No one knows if the information is proven, no one knows if the project will succeed. One thing is certain, with the few models already available and the rather mixed feedback on design and durability, Apple could also think of alternatives. This is precisely what we discover in this patent.

Apple patent describes dual-screen smartphone

In this patent discovered very recently, we learn that Apple has already thought about the possibility of creating a smartphone equipped with a double screen. Thus, instead of having a single screen that can be folded and unfolded, this configuration with two screens would make it possible to combine the two screens in one once the device is opened, which gives the perfect illusion of having a single screen. To do this, the Cupertino company imagines creating two screens, both with almost no edge. This so that one has the impression of a single screen when placed side by side.

To overcome the current problems inherent in folding screens?

The description accompanying the document also describes the use of various integrated sensors to help determine the very configuration of the screens, and in particular when they are side by side. This should allow the OS to be able to react accordingly. Dual screen smartphones are not new. Brands like LG have already played with this kind of design. Microsoft, for example, will launch its Surface Duo in the coming months. That said, regarding Apple, this is just a patent. Nothing can tell us whether we will actually be entitled to such a smartphone.

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