Apple Card: launch confirmed in August

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Posted Aug 1, 2019 by Adam Still.

The Apple Card has been a reality for a few months now, but the public is still waiting for it to be officially available. We now know it will be available later this month in the United States.

Apple had unveiled its own credit card, the Apple Card, a few months ago. The Cupertino company announced a launch to the general public later in the year. A report suggested that this launch could take place in August. The Apple brand has just confirmed the information today.

The launch of the Apple Card will take place this month

The Apple Card will be available both in physical and digital form. It does not have the traditional 16-digit code, security code, or expiration date. The card will generate this information in a completely random way for each transaction to ensure their security. The card is also backed by Goldman Sachs.

And the information is official!

Apple has confirmed that it will begin accepting applications that support the Apple Card starting today. Confirmation was given explicitly during a meeting with investors for the third fiscal quarter of 2019.

“Thousands of Apple employees are already using the Apple Card every day as part of a beta test and we will begin deploying these cards in August,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. The man did not give a specific date, but now we know it’s for this month.

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