Apple and Foxconn have broken labor laws in China for the latest iPhone

Posted Sep 8, 2019 by Adam Still.

The NGO Chinese Labor Watch reports that the two giants have exceeded Chinese labor legislation to be able to produce the latest range of iPhones.

Apple and Foxconn have been pinned for working conditions and the ratio of temporary employees in Zhengzhou factories in China, the day before an event to introduce the new iPhone. Chinese Labor Watch, an NGO, presented the findings of its investigation in the field and has now significantly undermined the reputation of both manufacturers. The organization particularly emphasizes the presence of 50% of a temporary workforce, when Chinese law allows only 10%. Other violations of the law were also noted, including the refusal of resignations during production peaks, overtime for trainees (though prohibited), and up to 100 overtime hours for employees when the limit is set at 36 hours per month.

Apple responds promptly

In order not to be tainted the day before a major event, Apple has launched an internal investigation and confirmed that “the percentage of temporary employees exceed our standards,” while being reassuring by saying that the company works hand in hand with Foxconn to “fix this problem.” Foxconn also confirmed the quota violations. Apple is known for pushing its manufacturing partners to improve the working conditions of employees. For its latest annual supply chain report, Apple says it has conducted 44,000 interviews with its partners’ employees to make sure they are able to express their concerns and be fully trained.

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