A collapsible iPhone and iPad by 2021?

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Posted Aug 10, 2019 by Colin Moore.

After launches of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, foldable smartphones are expected to multiply in 2020. And Apple could decide to embark down this roud, without rushing as usual. Will we have a collapsible iPhone and iPad by 2021?

Most smartphone and tablet manufacturers are currently working on devices with foldable displays. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X are still in demand, and the market is undoubtedly preparing to welcome these new products. In a note from UBS to its investors, analysts talk about the future of the iPhone and iPad, including the possibility of a collapsible iPad in 2020 and a collapsible iPhone in 2021. And if we believe these market experts, Apple customers would be extremely interested in such devices” some would not even hesitate to shell an extra $600 to benefit from this feature alone.

A foldable iPad and iPhone before 2021?

Although the Cupertino company remained very discreet during the design phases of these products, it is entirely logical to think that Apple is working on a device with a foldable screen. According to UBS analysts, the Apple brand will initially be trying a collapsible version of the iPad for 2020, before tackling the iPhone in 2021.

This is the prediction of several UBS analysts

We can trust Apple to consider the demand of the market before launching. The results of the Galaxy Fold and Mate X will be scrutinized. The Cupertino company will also seek to find real practical use cases for such a device – Apple is not known to offer gadget functions as soon as they are available.

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