Apple prefers to stop its Walkie-Talkie feature

Posted Jul 13, 2019 by Adam Still.

Apple has taken a new decision regarding the security of its Apple Watch: the walkie-talkie feature has been disabled due to a vulnerability allowing spying of the owner.

Following the discovery of a vulnerability, the Cupertino company was forced to make a radical decision, namely the temporary deactivation of the walkie-talkie mode on the Apple Watch. A security breach has indeed been discovered and allows spying of users. This Walkie-Talkie function exists on the Apple Watch since watchOS 5.

Walkie talkie disabled due to vulnerabilities

The Cupertino company said: “We have just been made aware of a vulnerability related to the Walkie Talkie application on the Apple Watch and we have disabled the function by quickly correcting the problem. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience and we are committed to restoring functionality as soon as possible. Although we are not aware of any use of the vulnerability against a customer and that specific conditions and sequences of events are necessary to exploit it, we take the security and confidentiality of our customers extremely seriously.”

The company also said, “We concluded that disabling the app was the right thing to do, because this bug could allow someone to listen to another customer’s iPhone without their consent. We apologize again for this problem and for the inconvenience it causes you.”

For the moment, the application is disconnected, but Apple promises to restore it as soon as possible. Apple does not wish to reproduce its error, which was first discovered when a teenager had discovered a flaw on FaceTime.

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