AirPods Pro announced by Apple at the end of the month?

Rumors have been raging for more months now about a new generation of AirPods. It may even be that Apple announces this new accessory by the end of the month. The AirPods Pro would be offered at $260, we believe.

It has been several months since rumors and other reports evoke the fact that Apple is working on a new model of AirPods. This could notably include an active noise reduction technology. In the iOS 13.2 beta, curious people even discovered the “proof” of this feature by getting their hands on new AirPods icons.

AirPods Pro announced at the end of the month?

Today, according to a new report from China Economic Daily, it seems that these new AirPods may be launched very soon. The report says that this new model would be called AirPods Pro. Information in line with the new naming convention of the Cupertino company that adds Pro to its various products. The report also corroborates rumors that these headphones offer noise reduction.

With noise reduction and a $260 price?

Still, these headphones would be more expensive than the classic model: they would be marketed at a price of $260. As a comparison, the current generation of AirPods is sold for $159, or $199 with the wireless charging case. At $260, it would be an increase of $100. A resolutely high-end investment that will have to be justified as it should be. Today, almost everyone agrees that AirPods are very useful and practical. These are not the best in terms of sound reproduction, so having to spend $260 just to take advantage of the noise reduction might be difficult to understand. Still, this information is completely unofficial. Apple has not yet communicated on the subject yet.

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