Apple starts selling diabetes monitoring kits in its store

Posted Jun 28, 2019 by Colin Moore.

Apple has long been interested in monitoring diabetes and blood sugar. Today, the Apple brand is starting to sell diabetes monitoring kits in its store.

Measuring your blood sugar is a very difficult and uncomfortable operation because you need to take a little blood. Several rumors suggested that Apple would work on a non-invasive method of monitoring blood glucose and that it could be integrated into its Apple Watch.

Apple sells the One Drop Diabetes Monitoring Kit in some Apple Stores

It may take some time before the technology is available in apple watches, but that does not stop the Cupertino company from exploring alternative options. The US giant begins selling diabetes monitoring devices in its Apple Store. Interested customers can find some products like One Drop.

Waiting for a non-invasive method in the Apple Watch?

If Apple sells these devices, it is also, and above all, because they offer full integration with the iPhone and Apple Watch. The blood sample is still needed, unfortunately, but One Drop hopes that its design will make the operation more sympathetic. The reading of the data can also be synchronized with the application Health embedded on the iPhone, which allows preserving a history.

The One Drop Kit is priced at $69.95, with one year of free coaching by a Certified Diabetes Management Educator. There is also a third-party subscription service that allows customers to receive test tapes, which are necessary to use the device.

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