Google engineers discover critical flaws in the iPhone

Posted Jul 31, 2019 by Colin Moore.

Despite all the means deployed by the giants of tech to secure their devices, there are almost always flaws. Including on products like the iPhone.

Researchers Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel GroƟ of the Google Project Zero have discovered six flaws in iOS. The researchers are members of Google’s bug-hunting program, which is often responsible for discovering flaws in various services and products. They then immediately inform the companies so that they can correct them before they are exploited.

Google researchers discover 6 flaws in the iPhone

Five of the six flaws discovered by these two researchers were corrected with iOS 12.4, deployed last week by Apple. This provided some security fixes for compatible devices, including fixes for the five vulnerabilities. Each of them can be used without any interaction on the part of the victim.

One of them is still not corrected

Originally there was a flaw in the iMessage client. Four of the flaws, including the one that has not been fixed yet, require the attacker to send a message with malicious code to an uncorrected device. It then executes as soon as the message is opened by the user. The other two vulnerabilities use a flaw in the memory.

Security experts have released details of the five flaws that have been fixed by Apple. The last will remain a secret until Apple has rolled out a fix.

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