In China, workers had dug a tunnel to try to steal iPhone parts

Posted Jul 18, 2019 by Steven Wilson.

If the iPhone is a very popular device, the parts that compose them also arouse desire. Chinese workers have even gone as far as tunneling to steal.

All tech companies have proprietary technologies that make their products unique. Apple is no exception. It must, therefore, deploy a number of measures to avoid getting them stolen. This sometimes gives rise to theft attempts worthy of the best movies of its kind.

When Chinese workers dug a tunnel

According to a report by Wayne Ma for The Information, after the leak of the iPhone 5c in 2013, Apple had set up a team called “New Product Security” to manage security on some sensitive sites in China. Among the incidents listed by this unit, we learn that some Chinese workers had tried to dig a tunnel in the corner of a room to get their hands on some spare parts.

Stealing iPhone components

This tunnel was hidden behind a big machine. The workers believed that they could create a new outlet for exfiltrating components. And as if all this was not crazy enough, the report added that Apple’s security team had also discovered that they had tried to hide components in shoes, belts, underwear, and so on.

Apple is very strict about leaks but judging by all that we can learn before the release of the different devices, it seems that its security teams have more work to do.

Steven Wilson

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